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Supply Chain Management

TAG’s supply chain management experts provide a wide range of services -- from sourcing to just-in-time delivery -- that increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

Before the pandemic, business executives and managers talked about the correlation between superior supply chain capabilities and revenue growth. Organizations with high performing supply chains took action to keep their supply chains resilient. On the other hand, organizations with lower performing supply chains were able to survive and did not take action to improve their supply chains.

As the world moves toward a post pandemic paradigm, many companies with lower performing supply chains have experienced supply chain disruptions that challenged continued operation. Today’s reality is that it is necessary to make your supply chain more resilient without weakening your ability to compete.

TAG Offers a Wide Range of Supply Chain Management Services

Supply chains are more complex than ever. While some companies know exactly what they need to do and simply require vendors to perform clearly defined services, other companies have more complex needs. TAG can perform services to fulfil your needs, regardless of the simplicity or complexity.

Benefits of Supply Chain Management Services From TAG

Visibility - Address problems proactively by monitoring supply chain events in real time and taking preventative measures.
  • Flexibility – Make timely adjustments - without increasing costs - that minimize the impact of disruption.
  • Collaboration – Creating relationships with other supply chain players to identify risk and avoid disruptions.
  • Control – Policy and monitoring mandates dictates that procedures and processes are followed.

Supply Chain Management Services

  • Warehousing
  • Packaging
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Kitting
  • Program Management
  • Transportation services including reverse logistics

TAG Delivers Supply Chain Management Services through Wolverine Assemblies

TAG launched Wolverine Assemblies in 2010 to provide supply chain services. Visit Wolverine Assemblies to learn more or call 248 863-2339 to speak with a corporate representative about your supply chain services requirements.