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TAG Holdings - Parent Corporation of a Diverse Group of Companies

TAG Holdings, created in 2001 as an independent holding company, acquires companies and infuses them with the capital and expertise that empowers them to build and grow their operations. Over the course of the first eight years of its existence, TAG acquired six companies and sold six companies. Several of these first six companies were Honda plants that were recipients of numerous awards for excellence in quality and delivery. Another of the first six companies was the recipient of the prestigious Shingo Award for Excellence in Manufacturing.
Currently, TAG has focused on diversifying its customer base and has therefore, acquired several companies that are suppliers to the aerospace, heavy equipment and defense .
TAG’s competitive advantage lies in its ability to leverage the methodologies used to achieve past success while minimizing known risk factors. A deep knowledge of business principles and execution in the areas of strategic planning and management, and sector-specific expertise are the foundation of TAG’s processes.

The TAG Executive Team Drives the Success of TAG Companies

The skills, knowledge and experience of its executive team positions TAG to deliver excellence to stakeholders and customers. TAG has successfully recruited and retained executives with strong backgrounds in lean manufacturing, finance, marketing, sales and engineering. These executive have been employed in senior management positions at world-class corporations that include General Motors, General Electric, PricewaterhouseCooper, PepsiCo, AT&T, Alcatel-Lucent, T-Mobile and Freudenberg-NOK. The collective experiences of the executive team allow TAG companies to operate with the vision of a large company while executing with the speed and agility of a small company.
Every TAG company is responsible for achieving corporate goals that drive growth and ensure that customers receive world-class quality delivery and competitiveness. The management teams are supported and mentored by the TAG executive team.

Innovative Solutions That Help Customers Maintain and Grow Market Share

TAG companies generate long-term, superior returns for shareholders and investors by driving operational excellence internally and delivering solutions to customers that create a sustainable competitive advantage.

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