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Your customers demand agility, flexibility and cost transparency. Internally you are challenged by the digital transformation and struggle to make quick production changes in response to varying demand. Meanwhile, nimble competitors are emerging whose business models align with the changes in the industry. The new comers take advantage of the changing landscape and sometimes steal market share from veteran A&D companies.

Helping A&D Organizations Regain and Maintain Their Competitive Edge

TAG companies are staffed by experts in their fields who possess the skills, knowledge and experience to support A&D organizations in their quest to regain or maintain a strong competitive advantage. TAG has the capital to invest in business tools that optimize processes and ensure quality, efficiency and traceability.

We are hands-on partners who can add value to the operating models of A&D organizations. We are agile and can move quickly to address demand and supply shifts. On the digital side, we securely track and share information.

We Are Committed to Long Term Customer Relationships

Unrelenting commitment to continuous improvements in quality, delivery, cost and service have made TAG companies trusted Tier 1 suppliers to the world's leading A&D companies. Our focus on Lean operations improves the ability of A&D companies to meet pressures to drive down cost while maintaining reliability.

Managing Complicated and Critical Supply Chains

A supply chain is at the heart of every A&D organizationís success. Effective and efficient supply chains enable A&D organizations to meet their strategic and financial goals. Proper supply chain strategies help companies control costs, mitigate risks, deliver value to the customers.

A&D Supply Chain Services

  • Warehousing
  • 3PL
  • Program Management
  • Sequencing
  • Just In Time Delivery
  • Packaging
  • Fastener Management

Cost-effective Assembly When Demand is Fluctuating

Providing customers with on time delivery is complicated when demand fluctuates. Margin shrinkage can occur when demand fluctuates. This drives the need for the adoption of new technologies and processes to keep A&D firms profitable. TAG knows how to weather the storm of challenges from demand fluctuations and mitigate the impact to profit margins.

A&D Assembly and Manufacturing Services:

  • Kitting
  • Modular Assembly