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Vision, Mission and Values

TAG Vision

The vision of TAG is to create an entrepreneurial environment that will lead to a legacy of business asset ownership within the minority community that will generate success opportunities in subsequent generations.

TAG Mission

The mission of TAG is to create a series of highly profitable, growth-oriented enterprises while simultaneously developing a robust network of talented minority entrepreneurs.

TAG Values

Wealth Creation - It is only through true wealth creation in the minority community that sustainable success can be attained.
Market Leadership - We will continuously strive to achieve market leadership by providing superior value and customer service using unique and sustainable competitive advantages.

Quality Leadership - We will commit to creating an environment of continuous improvement focused on being the quality benchmark in every market we serve.

Entrepreneurial Environment - We will create a culture of entrepreneurship combined with a culture of discipline. Disciplined thought and disciplined action that will allow us to operate without bureaucracy and excessive controls.

Personal Accountability - Each member of the TAG community must take personal responsibility for their success and the success of TAG. Freedom and accountability are closely linked.

Passion for Success - All members of TAG share a passion for the mission of this organization and an unwavering commitment to success.

Integrity - We will always operate with complete honesty and the highest integrity.

Diversity - We will create access to opportunities previously unavailable for talented minority individuals and entrepreneurs.

Corporate Citizenship - We will be good corporate stewards to the community.