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Growth Strategy

Established in November 2001, TAG Holdings set a strategic corporate goal of creating a legacy of business asset ownership within the minority community to generate success opportunities in subsequent generations. In the ensuing 10 years, TAG successfully accomplished that goal by growing three automotive supply companies to a combined half billion in yearly revenue and then selling the companies to the long time manager of the three companies. That former TAG manager now owns one of the largest minority owned businesses in Ohio.

Today there are two TAG portfolio companies and they provide products and services globally to four growth industries. TAG will leverage the knowledge and experience of its principal and management teams, as well as, the methodologies used to achieve past success to ensure sustainable operational performance and customer satisfaction that leads to market leadership. Operating from a position of market leadership, and armed with TAG’s financial strength these companies are positioned for robust growth.

In addition to growing the portfolio companies TAG will continue its path of aggressive growth by investing in new businesses. The guidelines used to evaluate potential opportunities include:
  • Does the company have processes that fall within the experience base of the TAG leadership team.
  • The potential for rapid sustainable growth
  • The potential for maximizing the cash flow profile of TAG
  • The potential to provide an entry point for a new and complementary market
  • Potential for exit
  • Potential to expand product and service offerings to current industries served
  • Potential to create diversification into new industries with products and services that match current core competencies