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TAG's high performance manufacturing and supply chain management solutions help automotive companies reduce cost and grow revenues.

TAG companies are global leaders in the design, engineering and manufacturing of a wide variety of innovative and reliable automotive products. As a partner to the automotive industry, TAG companies think in terms of customer's processes. We understand that it is not just the product that must perform flawlessly. The product and all the processes surrounding the manufacturing and delivery of that product must be world class. It is what our customers demand and it is what we deliver.

TAG companies offer robust solutions that in many instances provide customers with single-point sourcing capability. Our customer-driven approach has allowed us to expand well beyond our initial customer relationships to add greater value and breadth of product and service offerings.

TAG's Automotive Capabilities

TAG's manufacturing and supply chain management solutions for the automotive industry are bundled with any additional services needed such as process design and any supply chain management services needed, from sourcing and procurement to sequencing and just-in-time delivery. The TAG management teams has decades of experience in the automotive industry.

Automotive Industry Products:

  • Modular assembly components
  • Hot forging dies
  • Cold forging dies
  • Machined components

Automotive Industry Services:

  • Forged tooling and dies
  • Modular assembly services
  • Supply chain management