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TAG is a world class provider of manufacturing and modular assembly services that help our customers maintain their competitive edge, grow market share and achieve market leadership. We are partners in innovations that facilitate the ability of our customers to provide exceptional quality and value and achieve key performance objectives that lead to greater profitability.

It All Starts With Our People

Industry jargon such as “laser-like focus on Lean,” is just verbiage. At TAG, we walk the talk. Every commitment we make to customers – enhancing quality and efficiencies, improving agility, cutting lead times, and so on -- is a commitment from the highest levels of management. We invest in the skillsets of every associate, by actively mentoring, identifying skill and knowledge gaps and providing training that allows them to not just maintain the status quo, but identify opportunities to implement continuous improvements to product and service delivery. We believe that operational excellence is the foundation for every corporate gain, from greater profitability to increased market share. Furthermore, we believe that operational excellence is the result of a corporate wide commitment.

Use of Offshore Suppliers is Not Superior to Keeping Operations in the USA

Offshore production is not as cost effective as using American suppliers when shipping, customs, duties and other fees are considered. Soft costs such as travel, and miscellaneous indirect overhead expenses can quickly add up. Language barriers and time differences are annoying. The intellectual property protection we take for granted in America is not assured when you use offshore suppliers. You also run the risk of contracting with a firm that engages in human right s violations or uses inappropriate sources of labor.

American Based Manufacturers Offer Advantages

With an American-based manufacturer you avoid longer shipping times which can make it impossible to respond to actual market demand. Shorter transit times enable you to get your goods to your customers faster.

TAG is Strategically Positioned to Meet Your Manufacturing Requirements

TAG has the financial strength, the right assets, the right employees and the right capabilities to pursue strategic opportunities. Our financial strength allows us to invest in technology or even to establish a location near you to meet your contract manufacturing requirements.

Benefits of TAG Manufacturing Services

  • Total custom manufacturing and engineering solutions
  • Multiple world-class contract manufacturing facilities in the USA and the ability to establish manufacturing plants as needed
  • Product design and manufacturing engineering resources
  • Advanced supply chain and logistics management