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Porosity Sealing Services and Solutions

Holes and voids in castings are referred to as porosity and are inherent to the die casting manufacturing process. When gas or air is trapped in a casting, the result is air pockets, folds and inclusions on the surface of the component. Another cause of porosity is shrinkage, which creates angular fractures or cracks below the surface of the component. Shrinkage occurs when sections of a casting solidify at different rates, interrupting and preventing the flow of liquid metal.

Vacuum Impregnation

Vacuum impregnation is an industrial process for sealing porosity. It is a reliable technology used in industries from defense to automotive to heavy equipment. The process is accomplished by removing air and refilling the space with the appropriate material. The process allows manufacturers to use parts that would otherwise be scrapped.

TAG’s Porosity Sealing Services Help OEMs Ensure Component Quality

As OEMs lower acceptable leak rates in castings, more parts are rejected due to porosity. Capacity is decreased, costs are increased, and production is delayed. TAG offers cost effective solutions for porosity in castings that help improve your bottom line.

Porosity Sealing Service Benefits

  • Eliminate melting and re-manufacturing
  • Decreases environmental impact
  • Increases profitability

Testing Leak Rate Testing

TAG’s porosity solutions include leak rate testing. Testing can be performed to customer specified parameters.

TAG Delivers Porosity Sealing Services through Baron Industries

With the acquisition of Baron Industries, TAG gained over 120 years of porosity sealing management experience. Visit Baron Industies or call 248 585-0444 to discuss your vacuum impregnation needs.