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Heavy Equipment

Historically, TAG provided components to manufacturers of construction and farm machinery. Our focus on lean operations is the foundation of our ability to deliver best-in-class cost, quality and delivery levels that help customers maintain a competitive advantage.

Heavy equipment companies are focused on stricter emissions regulations, increased globalization and Big Data. At the same time, they are executing strategies to increase production from their factories and buy more of what they need from outside suppliers on a just-in-time basis.

The challenges manufacturers in the heavy equipment industry face are as varied as the products they develop. With an automotive heritage that includes overcoming many hurdles to maintain profitability, TAG companies are well equipped to assist heavy equipment manufacturers.

Historically, TAG companies have played a key role for the heavy equipment industry by delivering efficient solutions that improve productivity while respecting the environment. Manufacturing solutions included prototypes to mass production of machined parts. A combination of sophisticated technology and knowledge of precision machining enabled TAG to provide best-in-class products.