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Construction and Farm Machinery

TAG provides components used in the manufacturing of construction and farm machinery. With a focus on continued lean operations, TAG's products are best-in-class in cost, quality and delivery levels.

TAG provides machined and welded large components to manufacturers of construction and farm machinery. Our components meet the rigorous standards of our customers to ensure reliable performance and operations.

As a long-term Tier 1 supplier in this market, TAG uses the most advanced equipment and tooling technology that provides our customers quality product delivered on time at a competitive price. Quality is monitored by the latest in gaging and CMM technology. Inspection reports are kept on file for traceability purposes.

Construction and Farm Machinery Products:

  • Fabricated axle assemblies
  • Blade mounting weldments
  • Large brake retainers
  • Yoke plates
  • Lift arms
  • Fabricated and cast wheel assemblies
  • Industrial valve bodies
  • Track link components
  • Welded and cast frame structures
  • Link bar assemblies

Construction and Farm Machinery Services:

  • Forged tooling and dies
  • Modular assembly
  • Supply chain management