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TAG supplies high quality parts and assemblies to the aerospace industry. The parts are manufactured to extraordinarily tight tolerances and undergo a demanding inspection process to ensure they will provide continuous, failure-free operation.

TAG's focus on Lean operations improve and help aerospace companies meet pressures to drive down cost while maintaining reliability. A trusted Tier 2 supplier for the aerospace industry, TAG produces parts and assemblies that are used on mission critical aerospace components.

TAG delivers solutions for applications that require specialty metals where superior strength, corrosion, wear and heat resistance is required. Depending on the customerís requirement, materials such as Inconel, waspaloy and titanium can be used. Working with complex designs, TAG manufactures parts to extraordinarily tight tolerances. The parts are validated by a series of rigid quality control checks and adhere to the exact quality standards of each customer.

Dedicated to long-term relationships with aerospace customers, TAG makes significant investments in business tools that optimize processes and ensure quality, efficiency and traceability in every project. These tools also reduce internal and external lead times. TAG will continue to invest in technologies that help deliver products and services to aerospace customers.

TAG's Aerospace Capabilities

TAG produces precision machined components that will meet the most exacting needs of aerospace companies. Our three-dimensional CAD/CAM capabilities enable us to quickly take your design from concept to production. CMM inspection ensures precise compliance with specifications.

Aerospace Products:

  • Aerospace seals
  • Helicopter rotor bearings
  • Aerospace rings
  • Other precision machined components

Aerospace Services:

  • Modular assembly
  • Supply chain management
  • Precision machining